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Why Temenos Quantum?

With Temenos Quantum, businesses can accelerate time-to-market and deliver a seamless, multiexperience digital journey for customers. 该平台支持高度吸引人的网页和真正的本地移动应用程序的开发,可穿戴设备, chatbots, augmented reality, and conversational apps on a unified platform.

Temenos Quantum

Build What Your Business Demands

Capture additional market share, improve user retention, 通过提供差异化和一流的用户体验来提高转化率. Temenos Quantum utilizes a combination of technologies, touchpoints, and modes of interaction including progressive web apps, true native apps, augmented reality, wearables, AI-powered chatbots, and smart speaker conversational apps.

Integration | Temenos Quantum


Power client applications by quickly integrating with data, creating new services, orchestrating and transforming data, and configuring backend business processes.

Six real-world pain points you can’t ignore in your digital strategy

AI For The Real World

将可解释的AI整合到智能和高度个性化的数字体验中, resulting in higher levels of engagement and user satisfaction, 包括聊天机器人,以更快的自动支持和更短的申请审批周期.

Workflows | Temenos Quantum

Workflow At Your Fingertips

Simplify management of business processes, workflows, and business rules for business users, 减少对IT参与的总体努力和需求,并导致更快的更新和提高捕捉市场机会的能力.

DevOps | Temenos Quantum

Quality Built In 

通过集成和自动化的端到端DevOps流程,降低交付成本, 包括强大的自动化测试,可以删除手动和容易出错的发布管理任务.

Temenos IQ

Increase Team Productivity

通过自动化开发任务的ai辅助开发,使交付团队能够在更短的时间内构建更好的体验, enforces best practices, and optimizes performance.

Innovate with speed and ease

Temenos maintains a dedicated team that is evaluating, architecting, 整合并支持一系列创新技术,使它们能够通过Temenos Quantum平台轻松访问. You can transform legacy experiences with advanced technologies, easily. All you need is your imagination.

Key Stats

7 Years

Leadership in mobile development, multiexperience, and digital transformation


Apps live on our global SaaS cloud

117 %

Annual Growth in Cloud Usage

55 %

Average increase in service delivery lifecycle (SDLC) productivity

Product Overview

Temenos Quantum是一个多体验开发平台(MXDP),结合了易用性和低代码生产率的速度,以及深厚的企业能力,跨多个触点的消费级数字体验和健壮的身份后端服务, integration, orchestration, business process automation, and business rules management. 

Low-code Developer Productivity

以现代网络应用的形式,使用低代码方式创造数字体验, true native apps, conversational apps, wearables and immersible experiences.


最大限度地重用组件和后端集成,以渐进web应用的形式实现统一无缝的体验, native mobile apps, intelligent chatbots, conversational apps, wearables, and more.

Simplified Data Integration

Use connectors to quickly integrate with data, create new services, orchestrate and transform data, and configure backend business processes.

Modern & Engaging User Experience


Limitless Flexibility & Scalability

Deliver engaging employee, consumer, 以及在统一的数字体验平台上的任何规模和复杂性的合作应用程序.

Progressive Web Apps


Automated Testing & Integrated DevOps

使用自动化构建以更快的速度和敏捷性持续构建和交付应用程序, publish, 以及易于与现有的DevOps基础设施集成的测试工具.

Effortless Security & Protection

单击一次即可为客户机应用程序和后端服务启用多层安全性. Quantum security defends against compromise, detects and reacts to attacks, 并通过企业级安全认证提供数据和身份保护.

Unconstrained Innovation

跳高高网站以学习和利用的方式进行数字创新,通过制造智能聊天机器人等技术,简化了下一代能力的采用, augmented reality (AR), wearables, artificial intelligence (AI), and more, easily accessible in our platform.

CFG Bank-hero-image-2020-Jan-21

“In order to succeed, we had to be unique. 跳高高网站不能做或提供同样的东西,否则跳高高网站将没有任何客户.”

Driss Benchafai, General Manager and co-CEO, CFG Bank
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Temenos Platform

Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic


APIs & Extensibility


Microservices & Containers


Distributed Database


Temenos Continuous Deployment – DevOps


Security & Immutable Logging


AI & Machine Learning

可解释的人工智能使自动化决策变得透明,并通过不断增长的收入提供智能银行服务, cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Multiexperience Development Platform


Multiexperience Development Platform

Temenos Quantum提供了一流的用户体验,作为一个一致和无缝的多体验的数字旅程,跨越各种接触点和交互模式.

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